Configuring Gateways To Use Wireless Orbit

Wireless Orbit works with a wide variety of wireless hardware. You can use virtually any wireless gateway or router that supports authentication via an external RADIUS server and a captive login portal.

In order for this to work there are usually two kinds of configuration changes that need to be made on the gateway:

RADIUS Settings Remote authentication

Most wireless gateways allow you to configure authentication via a RADIUS server. This usually consists of nothing more than entering an IP address (the IP address for our load balanced RADIUS servers).

RADIUS is an industry standard for remote authentication. When a customer tries to log in, RADIUS is the mechanism the gateway uses to find out if the customer's account is allowed.

Captive Portal Using our login forms

A captive portal is basically just a login form. When a customer tries to access the internet over your wireless network the gateway requires them to log in first. That's a captive portal.

Most gateways allow you to specify a URL for the login form. To work with Wireless Orbit you just have to enter the URL of our login portal servers. The gateway will then start using our hosted login portal whenever a customer needs to log in.

That's almost all there is to it. We have step-by-step instructions for many kinds of wireless gateway. You can find out more about configuring a gateway to work with Wireless Orbit in our documentation wiki.