What Wireless Orbit Does

Wireless Orbit is a complete authentication and billing solution for anyone who wants to offer wireless services. We provide all the hosted services your wireless network needs to work.

What you want You're setting up a network

If you're reading this, you're probably trying to set up a wireless network for your customers. You want to be able to create different billing options for your customers to choose from. You want to be able to restrict different users to different amounts of bandwidth, or login time, or restrict when and where they can log in.

You need Things you already have

With Wireless Orbit, here's all you need:

  • A wireless gateway. Wireless Orbit will work with most kinds of wireless hardware. If you don't see the hardware you're using in our list of supported hardware, ask. We can often add support for new hardware if it isn't already supported.
  • A network connection. Once you have a wireless gateway set up, you'll need a network connection to connect to the rest of the Internet.
  • An account with a payment gateway provider. Payment gateway providers are companies like PayPal or Authorize.net. They handle accepting payments from your customers and getting the money into your bank account. If you don't want to accept payments online, you don't need this.

You don't need We take care of all of this

As a business, you may already have all of the above. What you probably don't have, and what without Wireless Orbit you would also need:

  • Hotspot software. Wireless Orbit provides hosted web servers for captive portal login pages and hosted RADIUS servers for authentication and accounting. Without Wireless Orbit you would need to provide all the software to do this yourself.
  • Shopping Cart Software. Wireless Orbit's hosted captive portal has support for most popular payment gateways. Without Wireless Orbit, you would have to buy shopping cart software and integrate it into your hotspot solution yourself.
  • Server hardware. Wireless Orbit runs multiple high availability servers in a 24/7 datacenter. Without Wireless Orbit you would need to buy and maintain the servers needed to run the software your wireless network needs.
  • Personnel. Wireless Orbit takes care of keeping all these services up and running. Without Wireless Orbit you'd need technical staff capable of setting up, maintaining, backing up, and monitoring all of the things needed to keep your network running.

With Wireless Orbit all of this is taken care of for you for a very low price.