The Wireless Orbit Control Center

The Wireless Orbit Control Center is a web-based UI. It allows you to configure billing, access, and usage rules for your wireless network. Here are some of the kinds of rules you can define:

Usage Limits How accounts expire

You can define usage limits to control how much a customer can use your wireless network.

  • Session time Set accounts to expire after a certain amount of time spent online
  • Calendar Time Set accounts to expire a set number of days after the first login
  • Bandwidth Set accounts to expire after a certain amount of uploading or downloading

These are just a few examples.

Bandwidth Limits Limit network speed

You can define bandwidth limits to control the network speed for individual accounts. You can define simple bandwidth rates (so many bytes per second) as well as cumulative limits (so many bytes per day or month).

Payment Plans How your customers pay you

You can define payment plans to set different billing rates for different amounts of usage. For example, you can set different rates for daily, weekly, or monthly billing.

Wireless Orbit supports many popular payment gateways (like PayPal and Authorize.Net) to make it easier for you to get paid.

This is just some of what you can do with Wireless Orbit Control Center. For more information, check the Wireless Orbit documentation wiki.