Walled Garden Tool

Walled Gardens What they are

A walled garden is a set of web servers or URLs. Specifically it is the set of web sites that are always accessable from a wireless gateway, even without logging in first.

When a customer wants to sign up for an account they may be redirected to a payment gateway site to make the payment. For example if you're using PayPal to accept payments, the customer will be redirected to paypal.com to make the payment. In this situation you want to have the payment gateway site in your gateway's walled garden.

Bookmarklets Bookmark them to use them

The link below is a bookmarklet. To use it bookmark the link or add it to your browser's toolbar. To do this right click to bookmark the link or drag it onto your toolbar. The exact details will depend on what browser you're using, but it works just like a normal bookmark.

Once you have the bookmarklet in your bookmarks or toolbars it is easy to use. Just visit the web site that you need to add to your walled garden. From that page, select the bookmarklet from your bookmarks or toolbar.

Walled Garden Tool What it tells you

The bookmarklet will list every web site referenced in the page you're viewing. In order for the page to display properly you will have to add all the sites to your gateway's walled garden.