About Us

The Wireless Orbit name has meant quality in the world of hosted wireless services since Wireless Orbit first started operations in 2004. In 2008, the Wireless Orbit brand was acquired by Woteb, LLC, a privately-held technology company located in Silicon Valley.

Like most of our customers, we're entrepreneurs dedicated to bridging the gap between emerging wireless technologies and the customers that want to use them. We're dedicated to the idea that there's intrinsic value in making wireless technology easier and more convenient to use.

We're aware that your business is unique and your requirements may be different from other businesses we've helped. That means we're always willing to listen to your requests and try to work out new solutions to suit your particular needs. We really believe that the success of Wireless Orbit has been due to our willingness to adapt our way of doing things to your needs. So if you're ever looking for a new feature or have a comment, don't hesitate to contact us.